We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, and build, maintain, and continuously improve the environmental management system. Also, we promote harmful substance reduction and resource and energy conservation in consideration of the impact on the environment.

Development and design efforts

Unipres has contributed to resource conservation, weight reduction, improved fuel efficiency, and enhanced safety by improving car body press, precision press, and plastic press technologies thanks to our base technologies relating to materials, molds, equipment, and quality assurance.

Optimal lightweight structure proposal

Unipres has been working to develop molding technology for processing high-tensile materials, ultra-lightweight parts made of foamed plastics, and more. We propose to our customers an optimal lightweight structure that realizes both performance and productivity by capitalizing on the strengths of total press engineering, which handles everything related from pressing, from product design and development to mass production.

What are high-tensile materials?

A high-tensile material refers to a high tensile strength steel material. In general, a high-tension material is steel sheet that has pulling strength (material strength) greater than 340 Mpa.
Unipres provides our customers with parts that are both strong and lightweight that are made from high-tensile materials.

While a high-tensile material keeps sufficient strength even after thinning the sheet thickness and weight reduction, it is difficult to process and mold, and requires advanced press technology.
We have acquired high technological skills and know-how through joint research with our customers and steel manufacturers and through our own research and development, and we have been working to manufacture many parts made of high-tensile materials.
High-tensile materials are applied in about 60%*1 of our major structural parts, and we plan to expand the application of high-tensile materials in the future.

*1 As of 2016.

Development of the World’s Lightest Floor Under Cover

Using our own plastic processing method that has acquired international patents, Unipres has successfully developed the world's lightest floor cover, boasting a 50%*1 weight reduction when compared to conventional products.

Our own processing methods, the USM processing method*2 and the USS processing method*3 have enabled more energy-saving and higher-speed manufacturing when compared to conventional plastic molding methods.

*1 Compared to our company's products (2008)
*2 UNIPRES Stamping Molding (click here for details)
*3 UNIPRES Sheet Stamping (click here for details)

Development of Nissan Leaf

Unipres contributes to the promotion of zero-emissions vehicles through development of the electric vehicle Leaf.
We have manufactured battery cases and plastic undercovers along with major structural parts.