We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, and build, maintain, and continuously improve the environmental management system. Also, we promote harmful substance reduction and resource and energy conservation in consideration of the impact on the environment.

Office and Plant efforts

Implementing photovoltaic power generation

In efforts to combat global warming, Unipres has installed photovoltaic power systems at the Fuji, Fujinomiya, Oyama and Moka Plants to generate electricity.

Switching to high-efficiency lighting

In order to promote CO2 emissions reduction through energy conservation, we are replacing lights with high-efficiency lighting in the Offices and Plants (LED, metal halide lamps, etc.). This has enabled us to use lights that use about 50% less electrical energy than conventional lights.

Implementation of green curtains

We use green curtains to plant bitter gourds and loofahs on the wall of the offices. Green curtains have shading and cooling effects thanks to the action of transpiration, which contributes to energy conservation as a result of reduced use of air-conditioners.

Introducing Leaf, the company-owned electric vehicle

Unipres has been working to reduce emissions of exhaust gas arising from burning gasoline and CO2 by introducing an electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf.

We manufacture components such as car body structural parts, battery cases and plastic undercovers for the Nissan Leaf, and contribute to the improvement of automobile fuel efficiency through the creation of lightweight products and the promotion of zero-emission vehicles.