We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, and build, maintain, and continuously improve the environmental management system. Also, we promote harmful substance reduction and resource and energy conservation in consideration of the impact on the environment.

Production Efforts

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Unipres has been working on energy conservation activities in its Offices and Plants to promote CO2 emissions reduction and the efficient use of energy resources.
We will promote the reduction of this number by implementing further energy conservation measures such as adopting production equipment with high energy-saving effects, and undertaking measures to improve the efficiency of production processes.

Changes in CO2 emissions at UNIPRES CORPORATION

Energy conservation activities

We are working to replace the main press machine motors with inverter motors, which have greater energy-saving effects.

We control the number of compressors in operation. This has enabled efficient operation of multiple compressors with a minimal number of units according to the air consumption amount, thereby contributing to energy conservation.

Elimination waste through the visualization of energy consumption data

Unipres is promoting the installation of energy monitoring systems at each production site.
This has enabled real-time monitoring of electricity and gas usage, which helps eliminate excess energy use.