Relationship with stakeholders

Relationship with stakeholders

As a member of society, we proactively and continuously make social contributions to encourage the development of the local community. In addition, we respect the culture and customs of every nation and conduct business to contribute to their development.

Involvement with the local community

Community participation

Tricolore Club sponsorship
The Tricolore Club, an organization established and run by Yokohama Marinos Ltd., works on regional contribution activities under the J-League's "hundred years" concept. Unipres has participated in the Tricolore Club as a sponsor because the Yokohama F Marinos are a sports team based in the city of Yokohama, and we support their community-based contribution activities.

For more information on their activities, please visit the official website.

<Tricolore Club>http://www.f-marinos.com/club/sponsor/tricoloreclub (in japanese)

Participation in the rice field ecosystem survey

At Oyama Dai-ichi Industrial Park, where our Tochigi Plant (Oyama) is located, a rice field ecosystem survey is held in July and September each year under the auspices of a community association nearby the industrial park, and employees and their families participate. Its goal is for the local residents and the company to check the state of the water that is discharged from the company. There we collect living things around the rice field and take them to a local community center to announce our findings.
Our Tochigi Plant discharges industrial wastewater through an oil-water separator system, and has been performing production activities paying attention to the environmental impact on the local community. We will continue working on environmental preservation activities in order to pass on a rich natural environment for future generations.

Education and culture

Sponsorship for Student Formula SAE Competition of Japan

Student Formula SAE Competition of Japan is a student competition meant to test comprehensive craftsmanship skills such as performance, design, cost, etc. through the planning, design, and production of a small-scale formula style racing car on their own.We support the event - a place to foster students with craftsmanship skills - through sponsorship activities.

*For more information on Student Formula Japan, please visit the official website.

Social investment

u-life21 sponsorship

NISSAN ROREN's (Federation of All Nissan and General Workers' Unions) NPO Center u-life21 has brought awareness of "charity caravans" and Christmas charity concerts, and has been involved in cultural promotion projects in order to contribute to the improvement of social welfare in Japan. We support this spirit and their activities.

*For more information on their activities, please visit the official website. http://www.u-life21.or.jp/ (in japanese)

"The Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accidents"- Giving Children a Brighter Future

Children who lose their father or mother in an automobile accident suddenly become “traffic accident orphans” and have to embark on a life filled with anxiety. With the aim of providing a stable foundation for orphaned families to give the children a brighter future, the Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accidents was established in August 1980 through the cooperation of the government and private-sector organizations, and launched projects for the assistance of orphans from automobile accidents.

According to the Foundation’s system, children who have lost parents in an automobile accident subscribe to the fund by paying a contribution from the damages and other payments they receive from a nonlife insurance company or similar organization. This amount, together with subsidies from the government and the private sector, is safely and soundly administered to provide funds to support the child until he or she reaches the age of nineteen.

Up to now, more than 3,200 orphans from automobile accidents have subscribed to the fund. Excluding those for whom the payments have been completed, over 1,400 children are currently receiving support from the Foundation.

For details of these activities, please refer to the “The Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accidents” website.
<The Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accidents>
http://www.kotsuiji.or.jp/ (in japanese)

"more trees" - Activities to Promote Tree Planting and Afforestation

The destruction of the Earth’s forests is proceeding rapidly and global warming has reached a critical level. The musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, who has been involved in various activities to tackle environmental problems and promote world peace, felt that it was essential to help save mankind and civilization from this desperate crisis by promoting the revival of forests as a source of CO2 absorption through tree planting and afforestation. In July 2007, the organization “more trees” was established by five founders—Ryuichi Sakamoto, Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi, Shinichi Nakazawa, and Moichi Kuwahara—as well as more than 100 supporters.

Until recently it was not widely known that trees have many environmentally beneficial functions. In addition to absorbing and fixing CO2, they foster life (biodiversity) and store water (water source conservation). “more trees” disseminates knowledge about the power of trees and promotes afforestation to replenish these functions. “more trees” is promoting various original forest development projects in cooperation with local governments, forestry cooperatives, and the private sector in Japan, as well as working together with NGOs and local communities overseas.

The Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accidents
For details of these activities, please refer to the “more trees” website.
<more trees>