Relationship with stakeholders

Relationship with stakeholders

As a member of society, we proactively and continuously make social contributions to encourage the development of the local community. In addition, we respect the culture and customs of every nation and conduct business to contribute to their development.

■ Relationship with employees

Health and safety at work

Expansion of basic safety rules within the company
We have produced a pocket-sized booklet about basic safety rules and distributed it to all employees. We also conduct safety chants before inter-departmental meetings and conferences in order to enhance safety awareness.

First aid training

Under the idea that the more people we have that can administer emergency medical treatment in our company, the more lives of our colleagues we can save, we provide training sessions for CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator) use.
Employees with advanced life-saving certification also participated, learning about emergency medical treatment and giving advice to other participants.

Social dialogue

Family Plant Tour

The Family Plant Tour was held at the Fuji Office, Fuji Plant (Fujinomiya), Tochigi Plant (Oyama), Tochigi Plant(Moka) to allow children of working mothers and fathers to see their parents at work. The plant tour gave the children an opportunity to realize how tough it is to be a part of society and how hard their parents are working.
It was also a good opportunity for the children to gain understanding and appreciation for Unipres. It even increased the employees' morale, as they would like to make their plant more attractive and turn it into a source of pride for their family in the future.

Basic Policy for Human Rights


We do not engage in discrimination or harassment of any kind based on race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, social origin, or employment status.


We do not allow child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking.
We comply with the laws of each country and region regarding the minimum wages, overtime, wage deductions, performance-based pay, and other remuneration.
We comply with the laws of each country and region regarding the setting of employees’ working hours including overtime and the granting of scheduled days off and paid annual vacation time.

Dialogue and consultation with employees

Undertake sincere consultation and dialogue with employees or their representatives. Recognize employees’ right to associate or not associate based on the laws of each country and region of operation.


We cultivate a corporate culture of respecting human rights by conducting human rights enlightenment educations and trainings to all Unipres group executives and employees.


Human resource policies

Under the human resource policy of diversity, we implement recruitment policies that are not biased by nationality, gender, or age.

New employees form abroad underwent job training at our Fuji Plant

Nine female employees newly hired at Unipres Mexicana, responsible for the production of transmission parts, were accepted at our Fuji office as trainees and provided with technical training on production lines and quality inspection. They are expected to perform as managerial personnel in the future.

Language learning study abroad program

In order to have employees learn the basic skills required of a global workforce, we provide for a language learning study abroad program to learn English intensively at a language school overseas. The aim is for employees to acquire language and communication skills which can be used overseas not only through cross-cultural experiences via daily life in a homestay, but also by interacting with students from around the world.

Work life support for employees

We support employees with an outstanding personnel and benefits system so that they can lead a fulfilling social life.

Item Summary
Benefits program My Select A selective benefits program in which points equal to a certain amount of money are offered each year. They can be used based on the employee's needs - for a comprehensive medical examination, various tuition fees, or travel expenses, for example.
Congratulatory or condolence paymentsA special payment is made for congratulations or condolences, including marriage, absence from work, and natural disaster recovery.
Grant money for the purchase of a private carEmployees and their families can take advantage of preferential interest rates when purchasing a car.
Length-of-service awards, incentive tour for veteran employeesThose working for Unipres for many years are provided with a commemorative gift and souvenir. Grant money for a family trip is provided when they have completed 20 full years of service with Unipres.
OthersWe have bachelors' dormitories and company housing, an employee shareholding association, and a worker's asset-building savings system.
Personnel system Marriage leave A seven-day holiday is granted when an employee is married. A two-day holiday is granted when his or her child is married, and a one-day holiday when his or her sibling is married.
Maternity leave, pregnancy leave14-week paid maternity leave and three-day paid parental leave are granted.
Childcare leave and sick/injured child care leaveA temporary leave of absence can be taken for a certain period of time to foster children under a year old living with the employee. A leave of absence can be taken to take care of children of primary-school age.
Shortened work hour system for child careThe daily standard work hours can be shortened by one or two hours in order to balance work and childcare.
Reinstatement systemA system in which former employees who left for reasons relating to marriage, childcare, or nursing care can return to work within five years of their displacement.
Nursing care leaveA maximum of one year may be taken for nursing care leave in order to look after family members requiring care.
Re-employment system for retired workersIf an employee wishes to be re-employed after retirement, he/she will be employed on a fixed-term contract as long as there is no obstacle to executing the work.

HR development and on-the-job training

We have established a wide range of educational systems, including English improvement training tailored to the employee's type of work.

Item Summary
Education system English language improvement training English courses tailored to the type of employee are provided, and the employees can attend private English lessons and TOEIC preparation courses.
Self-development correspondence education Employees can choose from more than 100 correspondence courses ranging from foreign language skills to official certifications to business skills specific to the employee.
Stratified education Training is provided for new employees, employees with three years of employment, mid-career employees, and key employees, etc.
Others Selective training and follow-up training for new employees, etc. are also provided.