Relationship with stakeholders

Relationship with stakeholders

As a member of society, we proactively and continuously make social contributions to encourage the development of the local community. In addition, we respect the culture and customs of every nation and conduct business to contribute to their development.

■ Relationship with our suppliers

Outstanding manufacturer awards

Each year, Unipres presents awards to suppliers that have made special contributions to quality, delivery and cost in order to strengthen relationships with our excellent partner companies. We continue to promote the improvement of quality and comprehensive strength.

■ Overseas Group business activities

Overseas base safety activities

  • [Unipres (UK) Limited]
    This person is responsible for your safety.
    At the employee entrance to the plant building, there is a mirror with the words "This person is responsible for your safety." There you can check your reflection in a conscious manner to confirm that you are wearing clothes that ensure your safety.

    An example of how to correctly wear a uniform is displayed in the corner of the plant so that the employees can perform a clothing check by comparing themselves with the sample.

    A "safety declaration board" with family portraits
    Employees deepen a desire to avoid injury for the sake of their family and loved ones by putting up their declaration of safety and photos on the board.

    Safety quizzes to win prizes
    We hold quiz events as one way to raise safety awareness. It is a fun activity that enhances awareness, and a prize is awarded to the winners.

    The state of Mississippi, in which Unipres Southeast U.S.A., Inc. is located, has the highest adult obesity rate in the United States. In response, the corporate in-house clinic distributed free pedometers for the sake of the employees' health and held a "walking challenge" event with a goal of 160 miles (about 320,000 steps) in three months. Prizes were awarded to employees who achieved the goal by the deadline.
    In the future, we plan to carry out other health enhancement projects, such as diet and quit-smoking campaigns.

Contributions to the local community

  • Support activities at local elementary schools
    Unipres Indonesia has been donating stationery to local elementary schools as part of the local contribution activities; it is a joint effort with a Japanese-affiliated Unipres-owned company in the KBI industrial park. We have been taking part for more than 10 years, and will continue with it in order to cooperate with local community development.

  • Christmas donation campaign
    UNIPRES ALABAMA, INC. conducts a variety of donation campaigns during the Christmas season. One of the campaigns, Can Food Drive, is aimed at collecting donations of dry and canned goods, and sees a great amount of employee participation. Collected food is donated to Steel City in Alabama, where the company is located, and distributed to low-income families by the local government.