Dividend Trends

Dividend Status

Interim Dividend Year-end Dividend Total Dividend
FY2019 ending March 31 of 202027.50 yen27.50 yen55.00 yen
FY2018 ending March 31 of 201927.50 yen27.50 yen55.00 yen
FY2017 ending March 31 of 201822.50 yen32.50 yen55.00 yen
FY2016 ending March 31 of 201717.50 yen27.50 yen 45.00 yen
FY2015 ending March 31 of 201617.50 yen17.50 yen 35.00 yen
FY2014 ending March 31 of 201512.50 yen12.50 yen 25.00 yen
FY2013 ending March 31 of 201412.50 yen12.50 yen25.00 yen
FY2012 ending March 31 of 201312.50 yen12.50 yen25.00 yen
FY2011 ending March 31 of 201210.00 yen15.00 yen25.00 yen
FY2010 ending March 31 of 201110.00 yen10.00 yen20.00 yen


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