Message from Top Executives

Regarding consolidated financial results for the second quarter (April 1 to September 30, 2017), although there was a foreign currency translation effect due to the appreciation of the yen, revenue and profit increased as net sales were 163.1 billion yen, operating income was 13.5 billion yen, ordinary income was 14 billion yen, and net income attributable to the owners of the parent was 8.1 billion yen due to the overall effects of customer production ramp-ups, effects from the implementation of streamlining measures by dedicated UPS (Unipres Production System) Activities, and so on.

Based on recent business performance trends, the Company has upwardly revised forecasts of financial results for the full year ending in March 2018 that were announced in May 2017 as 325 billion yen in net sales, 25 billion yen in operating income, 25.5 billion yen in ordinary income, and 15.5 billion yen in net income attributable to the owners of the parent.

In conjunction with the global expansion of automobile manufacturers, we have expanded our overseas bases and upgraded our production capacity. In August, we held a groundbreaking ceremony for Dongfeng Unipres Hot Stamping Corporation, a joint venture established in Guangzhou, China. We are now steadily preparing for the launch of operations scheduled for April 2019.

As for the world economy, it has become more difficult to make future-oriented business decisions as a result of a lack of coherent policies from the current U.S. Administration, the sense of anxiety in relation to the UK’s exit from the EU, and economic growth prospects among developing countries as well as other political and economic factors. Additionally, the automobile industry is at a major turning point due to such factors as the acceleration in electrification against the background of a tightening in regulations in many countries and the development of autonomous and connected cars, where the environment surrounding our operations is becoming increasingly more severe.In order to overcome these challenges and build up a robust and flexible corporate structure capable of taking advantage of each opportunity, we must all strive as one Global Unipres to further deepen UPS (Unipres Production System) activities to enhance our profitability and competitiveness. We would like to ask for your ongoing support and guidance.

December, 2017

Masanobu Yoshizawa, President Executive President


Issuance of “Unipres CSR Report 2017”

While deepening mutual understanding and building a relationship of trust with our stakeholders, we are committed to carrying out various initiatives in order to maintain the growth of our group so as to connect them to sustainable social development. Although our group’s CSR activities have been introduced individually on our website so far, we have created the “Unipres CSR Report 2017” for the purpose of organizing and clearly reporting our initiatives and challenges. We will continue to further strengthen our CSR-related initiatives in order to meet social demands.

*Please click here for the Unipres CSR Report 2017(only Japanese).

Introduction of Unipres’ CSR activities

We engage in CSR activities through interaction with various stakeholders, including our shareholders and investors as well as our customers, suppliers, local communities, and employees. Some examples of our commitment to CSR are introduced here.