Message from Top Executives

The company’s consolidated financial results for FY2017 reached the record high as a result of strong performance in the Asia segment and continued dedication to deepen UPS Activities and reduce costs. Sales were 330.8 billion yen, operating income was 26 billion yen, ordinary income was 26.4 billion yen, and net income attributable to the owners of the parent was 15.9 billion yen.

Unipres was established through a merger between Yamakawa Industrial Co., Ltd., and Yamato Kogyo Co., Ltd., in April 1998, and celebrated its 20th anniversary in April this year. Since our establishment, we have proactively advanced UPS Activities under the slogan of “Unified Commitment to Manufacturing.” In addition, we have promoted a dynamic approach to globalization as overseas bases now number 16 in nine countries, including Dongfeng Unipres Hot Stamping Corporation that is scheduled for launch in China FY2019, while overcoming many difficult tasks on the domestic front such as consolidating some of the production plants and affiliated companies to restructure the entire production system.

As for the world economy, concerns including America’s trade policy of protectionism and the UK’s BREXIT are casting clouds over the future. The automobile industry is said to be undergoing “a major transformation that occurs only once every 100 years.” The keywords are “electrification,” “self-driving,” and “connectivity,” and these concepts are progressing in parallel through the cross-industry collaboration that extends beyond mere technological innovation, changing the industry’s structural landscape. Although the circumstance surrounding our company is becoming even more challenging, we will all strive as one Global Unipres and further deepen UPS Activities to enhance our profitability and competitiveness by trying to build up a robust and flexible corporate structure that enables to take advantage of each opportunity. We ask for your further support and guidance.

June, 2018

Masanobu Yoshizawa, President Executive President


First exhibition at “Automotive World 2018”

We launched our first exhibition at “Automotive World 2018” held at the Tokyo Big Sight from January 17 through 19, 2018. “Automotive World” is an exhibition that brings together leading-edge technology and the latest themes in the automobile industry, and also serves as a forum for technical consultations and business negotiations with automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers from all over the world.

One of the objectives of participating in the exhibit this time was demonstrating our competitive advantage to raise market recognition that could result in further business expansion with new orders and customers, while learning about the latest trends and needs of the market directly as the source of our future technological and commercial strategies.

During the exhibition, approximately 40,000 people visited the site. At our booth, along with high precision and plastic products, we showcased our car-body parts that enabled reduced weight and collision safety of a vehicle possible through our unique press technologies for ultra-high-tensile strength steel and hot stamping.