Message from Top Executives

Regarding the consolidated business results of the last two consecutive quarters (April 1 to September 30, 2016), sales decreased to 147.7 billion yen due to the impact from foreign exchange conversions and the strong yen, etc., but with respect to income, operating income was 9.2 billion yen, ordinary income 7.5 billion yen, and net income attributable to owners of parent 3.8 billion yen partly because of the effect of income increased due to leverage effects from rationalization with the heretofore pillar UPS activities (Unipres Production System).

While technologies offering compatibility between the environment and safety have been required in the automobile industry in recent years, we are globally expanding the application of the hot-stamping method in addition to upgrading our technologies to machine high tensile strength steel by cold pressing.

Recently, in order to meet the diverse needs of car makers, we have decided to establish a joint company in China for the business of hot-stamped parts with Dongfeng (Wuhan) Industrial Co., Ltd. Through this joint venture, we will further deepen the hot-stamping technologies and strive for an increase in orders.

The environment surrounding the Company continues to grow increasingly severe, including prolonged sluggishness in the Japanese market and slower growth in emerging countries. In order to overcome these challenges and build up a robust and flexible corporate structure capable of taking advantage of each opportunity, we must all strive as one Global Unipres to further deepen UPS (Unipres Production System) activities to enhance our profitability and competitiveness. We would like to ask for your ongoing support and guidance.

December, 2016

Masanobu Yoshizawa, President Executive President


Decision to establish a joint company in
China in the hot-stamped parts business

Last November, we decided to establish a joint company with Dongfeng (Wuhan) Industrial Co., Ltd. in the hot-stamped parts business. The joint company will produce hot-stamped parts that are expected to expand in the automobile industry, and deliver them to Unipres Guangzhou Corporation.
Through development of the new business, we will strive to expand our business further.

About hot-stamping method

In recent years, the automobile industry has come under increasing demand to reduce CO2 emission levels by improving fuel economy from the viewpoint of protection of the global environment, which has led to further advancements in car body weight reductions. On the other hand, development of car bodies with high strength is also expected in order to protect occupants in case of collision from the viewpoint of safety.
We are devoting our efforts to making strength-enhanced products by hot stamping in addition to the processing of light and strong high tensile steel by cold pressing, in order to meet the needs of carmakers, offering compatibility between weight reductions and high strength of car bodies.  
The hot-stamping method is a processing technology to manufacture higher-strength parts; by which steel plates heated to a high temperature are formed and at the same time quenched by quick cooling in dies.