Message from Top Executives

Regarding the consolidated business results of FY2016, sales decreased to 321.1 billion yen due to the impact from foreign exchange conversions owing to the strong yen and other factors, but with respect to income, operating income was 23 billion yen, ordinary income 23 billion yen, and net income attributable to owners of parent 14.3 billion yen, which increased as a result of our efforts to deepen and streamline UPS (Unipres Production System) activities.

In the current fiscal year, as part of our global strategies, a new assembly building was constructed for Unipres Mexicana, S.A. de C.V., and the assembly work area of Unipres Zhengzhou Corporation was expanded and nearly doubled.
In addition, Dongfeng Unipres Hot Stamping Corporation, a joint company for the business of hot-stamped parts with Dongfeng (Wuhan) Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in Guangzhou, China, with plant construction already underway and plans to go on line for April 2019.

The environment surrounding the Company continues to grow increasingly severe, as prolonged sluggishness in the Japanese market and slower growth in emerging economies, as well as policy trends under the administration of President Donald Trump and the UK’s planned exit from the EU could have a significant impact on management strategies for the automobile industry in the future.In order to overcome these challenges and build up a robust and flexible corporate structure capable of taking advantage of each opportunity, we must all strive as one Global Unipres to further deepen UPS (Unipres Production System) activities to enhance our profitability and competitiveness. We would like to ask for your ongoing support and guidance.

June, 2017

Masanobu Yoshizawa, President Executive President


Company information sessions for individual investors held in various regions

For individual investors, we hold company information sessions and make presentations at IR events every year.
In FY2016, we held company information sessions in 12 locations in Japan. Through briefings on our business line, advantages of the Company, financial condition, shareholder return, and other information, we believe that many individual investors deepened their understanding of the Company.
Also in this year, company information sessions are scheduled to be held in various regions. We look forward to your participation at one of our company information sessions nearest you.
 You can check the schedule for company information sessions on our website(only Japanese). Please check the schedule.