We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, and build, maintain, and continuously improve the environmental management system. Also, we promote harmful substance reduction and resource and energy conservation in consideration of the impact on the environment.

Environmental policies

Environmental Policy

Based on our management philosophy of "Perfrcting Machine Press Technologies: Going a Step Beyond," Unipres Corporation contributes to global environmental preservation from an international perspective by constantly striving to create new functions and value. To pass down a beautiful and rich earth to the next generation, Unipres promotes the following activities with an eye to creating a society that enjoys sustainable development:

  1. We comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as other requirements to which our company agrees, and we work to protect the environment.
  2. We endeavor to curb greenhouse gas emissions by bringing together materials, dies, equipment, and products on an entirely new plane.
  3. We strive to prevent pollution of the air, water, and soil by reducing and limiting our use of environmentally hazardous substances (including harmful chemicals).
  4. We endeavor to curb our use of mineral and water resources and our production of waste by conserving energy and resources, as well as reusing and recycling.
  5. We collaborate with local communities and society at large to help preserve biodiversity and ecosystems.
  6. We seek to maintain and upgrade our environmental management system by making ongoing improvements.

April 1, 2020

ISO14001 certification status

Since 2004 the Unipres Group has been working to earn certifications under the ISO 14001 international standards for environmental management systems.
We are operating our environmental management system and pursuing measures to reduce the impact on the environment of our corporate activities.

ISO14001 certification status
Domestic locations Head Office
Unipres R&D Co., Ltd.
Sagami Office
Fuji Office
Tochigi Plant (Moka)
Tochigi Plant (Oyama)
Fuji Plant (Fuji)
Fuji Plant (fujinomiya)
Tool & Die Plant
Unipres Kyushu Corporation
Unipres Mold Corporation
Unipres Precision Corporation
Overseas locations Unipres Southeast U.S.A., Inc.
Unipres Mexicana(The First Plant)
Unipres Mexicana(The Second Plant)
Unipres (UK) Limited
Unipres (China) Corporation
Unipres Guangzhou Corporation
Unipres Zengzhou corporation
Unipres Precision Guangzhou Corporation
Unipres India Private Limited

Operation of environmental management system

In order to operate the environmental management system in accordance with ISO14001, we will promote environmental activities as shown in the diagram below based on the Unipres' environmental policy.

Environmental Management System Structure