• The global leader in total press engineering

    Design-in: The strength of Unipres is our total press engineering,
    from new design proposals matching the automaker's needs to parts development, prototyping and mass production.

  • Car Body Press Technology Solving the dilemma of light weight versus safety

    Achieving both light body weight and safety is a tough problem to solve. Simply making the steel plate thinner to save weight diminishes its collision strength. Unipres employs HTSS forming technology along with product design technology to solve this dilemma. By applying our expertise in structural parts, we are aiming for further weight reductions.

    HTSS forming technology

    Freely processing light and strong high tensile strength steel makes it more widely applicable.

    Product design technology

    Light weight and strength are achievedby optimizing body structure.

    Car Body Press Technology Each component making up a car body offers new added-value to the vehicle.

    At Unipres, we make original design proposals for each body module to meet all kinds of automaker needs and realize automobiles with outstanding performance along with light weight. Unipres’s distinctive press technology plays a vital part in every component.

  • Precision Press Technology Pressing also realizes this degree of precision.

    Transmission components for automobiles require precision and strength. Building on our car body press technology, we developed innovative technology for producing transmission parts by means of precision pressing, in place of the conventional casting, forging, and cutting processes. Along with high strength and 1/1000mm-level precision processing, considerable cost savings can be realized. In addition, by pursuing highly efficient manufacturing aimed at resource conservation and CO2 reduction, we are helping to protect the earth. This is the ultimate in press technology, essential for creating automobiles of the future.

    Precision Press Technology Fuel-efficient CVT is kind to the environment.

    We are pursuing new possibilities for press technology, toward the creation of high-performance transmission parts.

  • The world's lightest* floor under-cover made with foam molding material also with excellent aerodynamic, heat resistance, and sound absorption qualities

* 50 percent lighter weight (1.0kg/unit) than conventional products (internal data, 2008 as base point)

    Plastic Press Technology Innovative technology realizes the world's lightest products.

    Plastic parts formerly made by injection molding can now be made by pressing. Using innovative technology derived from our body press know-how, we are producing the world's lightest plastic parts for automobiles, with far greater productivity and at competitive costs. Our goal now is to contribute to overall lighter vehicle weight by applying plastic-forming technology to structural parts.

    Plastic Press Technology Our one-of-a-kind press technology will revolutionize plastic molding.

  • “Unified Commitment to Manufacturing”
    results in consistent high efficiency and quality at all our global sites.

    Production technology is the key to highly efficient, high-quality mass production of compelling products at plants around the world.
    Our highly advanced technology is achieved, through our motto, "Unified Commitment to Manufacturing," and by merging our own unique press and assembly technologies with digital technology in all processes from development to production.

We are pursuing new possibilities for press technology,
toward the creation of high-performance transmission parts.

Precision press technology that improves upon casting and forging methods

Replacing conventional methods of casting, forging and cutting with a press method through the precision press technology has brought significant cost reduction caused by productivity improvement and material cost reduction

With our integrated capabilities from development to production,
we are on the way to becoming the global leader in pressed transmission parts.

Unipres produces transmission parts with precision, strength and complexity thanks to pressing. We have built an integrated system for product development, production method development, quality assurance, and production. This enables us to provide high-performance transmission parts such as multi-stage automatic transmission and continuously variable transmission (CVT) parts.

The challenge of a high-efficiency torque converter for an eco-society

Unipres entered the torque converter business in 2008 and is involved in every aspect from development and design to manufacturing. As a device for automatic power transmission, a torque converter with higher transfer efficiency results in improved fuel economy. Employing the ultimate in precision press technology, we manufacture parts in house and carry out new development to achieve light weight and high efficiency, greatly reducing fuel use.

Torque converter parts

Clutch pack

Multiplate clutch for shift of automatic transmission. It requires strength and performance of the parts such as clutch drums and plates along with design technology that keeps them compact.

Carrier pack

High-precision planetary gear mechanism for speed change of the automatic transmission. It is manufactured by a combination of micron-scale processing and electron beam welding for the assembly.

The advance of near net shaping at the frontiers of press processing

Our ideal is to produce the most complex of shapes by pressing. Near net shaping is taking us closer to that goal. UFP (Unipres Fine Press) precision press technology, with its techniques for forming geared parts and plate thickness control, is able to realize high press precision to minimize the need for cutting, saving production time and reducing material cost.
Our production efficiency surpasses that of conventional forging and casting approaches.