CSR Report

UNIPRES CSR Report 2018 (Publication;August 2018)

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CSR Report 2018(2.49MB)

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Contents Editorial Policy[P1](351KB)

Corporate Profile[P2-5](283KB)

Top Message[P6](145KB)

CSR Management[P7-12](743KB)

(Materiality/Main Targets and Results of CSR Initiatives in FY2017/
Stakeholder Engagement/Corporate Governance)

Social Responsibility Report[P13-31](1.72MB)

(Customers/Shareholders and Investors/Suppliers/Employees/Local Communities)

Environmental Report[P32-41](1.18MB)

Supplementary Materials[P42-57](650KB)

(Employee Data/Comparative Table with GRI Standards)

» Comparative Table with GRI Standards

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